Tuesday, February 5, 2013

HATERS BE QUIET! Beyonce dazzles at 2013 Superbowl performance

Beyonce put the naysayers to rest during her smoking hot halftime performance at the Superbowl on Sunday, Feb 3. With a dazzling stage formed in the silhoutte of her face, fire blazing, and her strutting her stuff like nobody's business, she shut down her haters who questioned her during her recent inagural performance where she later admitted she sang to a back track. 

She even brought her girls from Destiny's Child for a cameo appearance, doing a couple of their undeniable hits and finally performed that infamous "Single Ladies" dance. (Always imagined them doing it together). I honestly don't get the hate and speculation with my girl King Bey, she is a beautiful black woman who is one of the world's top entertainers none the less. They tried to rip her apart when she admitted to singing to backing track due to the weather conditions and not a proper soundcheck, like the girl can't hold a tune. Really? Its things like this that amaze me because in my opinion, especially as an avid music lover, America seems to deal with the pre-packaged, sub par talent of today and we are supposed to deal with lackluster entertainment.

But Beyonce sets herself apart because as she been on record saying, she is a "perfectionist". She takes her craft seriously and actually entertains and will probably be considered an iconic entertainer of our time. Yet, people try to pick her apart like she sqwaks like a parrot when she sings like some other entertainers that you all may know...but hey, they talked about Jesus right? Anywhoo, in case you have been somewhere under a rock and a hard place check out her performance below:


She also took time out during her moment of glory to announce her world tour, " The Mrs. Carter Show"
Peep the promo below:


Any thoughts?

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