Monday, January 14, 2013

RHOA recap and Kenya Moore's "Gone with the Wind Fabulous" Performance

For those of you who missed Real Housewives of Atlanta RHOA Sunday night, here's the breakdown:

  • The aftermath of Kenya and Walter's breakup- So Kenya invites her judgmental aunt and her side-eyeing cousin( that's just the vibe I got y'all) over to break the news of her and Walter parting ways. After expressing their disappointments, Kenya's cousin adds salt to wound by saying that she thought he was gay and that he tried to talk to her once (um, that's shit you say before you let get involved!)
  • NeNe and Greg move to L.A.- Nene and family move to L.A. where they are renting a house while she is filming for her role on "The New Normal."  She is suddenly realizing that the roles between her and Greg have changed, as she is the one bringing home the bacon now.
  • Phadrea and Kenya decide to team to produce the "Donkey Booty" exercise video- After previously discussing the possibilities of working on the project together, when they finally discuss things Kenya reveals that she would need a $100,000 budget, and then asking for 10% after she secured a distribution deal for the video. See, here is where the tricky part comes in. Now to me, it makes sense for her to want a percentage but apparently, they hadn't gotten down to the final line of the project, especially after Kenya came with those astronomical costs. Now, for anybody doing any kind of business, it makes sense that Phadrea would "shop around" per se to get the best deal. So, she speaks to Kandi's boyfriend Todd, who assures her that he could do it for much cheaper (probably better too, hell we was working with Bravo, who does Kenya work with?) So Kenya is upset, but nobody really gave her the go ahead to secure a distribution deal, and now you mad about 10%?  Like you were going to almost "bully" her into doing a deal with you. You are obviously not the best candidate. Girl, the more shows I see, the crazier you seem to get. Bottom line, don't mix friendships and business and expect certain things from people. It's their business deal with or without you.
  • Kandi throws Todd a surprise party and Kenya tries it- Kandi is definitely trying to get herself a ring and she knows she has landed her a good one. She takes him on a helicopter ride over Atlanta and then flies him over for a surprise birthday celebration. She then surprises him with his mother and he tears up *aaawwwwww*. The lion cake was adorable as well, to also celebrate their anniversary of when they met in Africa a year ago.  I wish them well, he seems like a good match for her.  BUT, of course yo girl KENYA tries to shake shit up and wishes Todd a Happy Birthday and asks about the Donkey Booty video all in the same sentence. Kandi is a good one, cause I would have stopped her after that sentence. It was TODD's birthday boo, are you dumb? She so desperate and thirsty for anything I swear! Kandi took it to the side and told Phadrea where she stated "bottom line is, I will  fuck somebody up about my man" Girl, and you got a good one,  I so totally cosign on that one boo.
  • Cynthia , Kenya and Phadrea meet up- So Cynthia and Kenya meet up at her agency to discuss Phadrea not wanting to give her 10% for the distribution deal she secured. Cynthia is side-eyeing Phadrea too because she sent out a tweet on twitter about a casting at her agency(which she didn't know about) in which she cancelled, because she needs her "booking fee" (damn right girl!) Once Phadrea arrives, they discussion takes a turn because Phadrea really ain't checking for her and her 10% and oh, i forgot to mention that she also mentioned the deal with Apollo behind Phadrea's back at the party as well.......
And last but not least, I stumbled across "Watch What Happens Next Live" with host Andy Cohen with MJ from "Shahs of Sunset" and of course Kenya Moore debubting her song "Gone With the Wind Fabulous" Of course Cohen seemed to eat it up because he is a queen himself but chile, those over dramatic movements, and those damn dancers....I was rolling. And you can't tell me that some queen somewhere is hopping mad because I guarantee she heard that  phrase from a queen and took it and ran with and is trying to cash in!!!!!!!!Anywhoo.......check out the video below:

Don't forget check out Real Housewives of Atlanta on Bravo on Sunday nights at it's new time 8p.m!!

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